About us

Rainpalm Concept

Rainpalm villa is a project inspired by creating simple buildings to meet the lifestyle of everyone looking for a place to live for relaxation or to rent under the concept of peace and happiness which is the meaning of the project.
Rain-palm trees are regarded as symbols of peace, tranquility, sustainability and wealth and they have existed since ancient times.

Rainpalm Design

Our architects combine the fundaments of modern with climatic and cultural architecture called as “Modern Tropical Design”. Plain warm interiors often incorporate warm wooden tones and stone textures. The villa has natural ventilation and light passing through the double volume space so that the shades from sunlight, the sights and sounds of the falling rain can be admired. There are also nature and the outdoor private pools with garden areas inside the villa.

Rainpalm Vision

Our purpose is to offer a new luxury modern tropical villa which matches with Phuket’s climate and to be an incredible living destination for relaxing and investment guaranteed by the prime location in Surin and Bangtao area (3-5 minutes’ walk)